joi, 18 iunie 2009

Romeo & Juliet

Instead of moving, I thought about Juliet some more.

I wondered what she would have done if Romeo had left her, not because he was banished, but because he lost interests. What if Rosalind had given him the time of day, and he'd changed his mind? What if, instead of marrying Juliet, he'd just disappeared?

I thought I knew how Juliet would feel.

She wouldn't go back to her old life, not really. She wouldn't ever have moved on, I was sure of that. Even if she'd lived until she was old and gray, every time she closed her eyes, it would have been Romeo's face she saw behind her lids. She would have accepted that, eventually.

I wondered if she would have married Paris in the end, just to please her parents, to keep the peace. No, probably not, I decided. But then, the story didn't say much about Paris. He was just a stick figure—a placeholder, a threat, a deadline to force her hand.

What if there were more to Paris? What if Paris had been Juliet's friend? Her very best friend? What if he was the only one she could confide in about the whole devastating thing with Romeo? The one person who really understood her and made her feel halfway human again? What if he was patient and kind? What if he took care of her? What if Juliet knew she couldn't survive without him? What if he really loved her, and wanted her to be happy?

And… what if she loved Paris? Not like Romeo. Nothing like that, of course. But enough that she wanted him to be happy, too?

If Romeo was really gone, never coming back, would it have mattered whether or not Juliet had taken Paris up on his offer? Maybe she should have tried to settle into the leftover scraps of life that were left behind. Maybe that would have been as close to happiness as she could get.

I sighed, and then groaned when the sigh scraped my throat. I was reading too much into the story. Romeo wouldn't change his mind. That's why people still remembered his name, always twined with hers: Romeo and Juliet. That's why it was a good story. "Juliet gets dumped and ends up with Paris" would have never been a hit.

Stephenie Meyer - New Moon

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Alecsa spunea...

vai sis stiu pasajele astea pe de rost:X:X:X

Irina spunea...

^Alecsa: eu am citit asta de vreo 2 ori aseara si acum inca o data ..pur si simplu il ador :x

inka spunea...

Tu le ai in engleza?

Irina spunea...

^Inka: da, le am pe toate in engleza in PC...le vrei? :D

inka spunea...

Aaaaa, deci tu nu ti-ai cumparat cartile? :D

Irina spunea...

^Inka: ba da, le-am cumparat pe cele 3 aparute (urmeaza sa o iau si pe a 4-a), dar le am si in engleza in PC :D sper ca acum ai inteles :">

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