miercuri, 8 octombrie 2008

Super Leapsa

Am primit o super leapsa de la Alecsa :X


1.Friend: Andreea
2.Vacation: 2003, Mamaia

3.Age: 18
4.Time of day: noaptea

5.Blog: Alecsa


1.Day of the week: luni
2.Time of day: dimineata

3.Food: laptele
4.Memory: moartea lui Felix :(
5.Song: Samim - Heater


1.With someone: da
2.Missing someone: iuby :((

3.Mood: happy :D
4.Wanting: sa nu facem vineri istoria :X

5.Dreaming at: mareeee :X soare :X vara :X


1.Song: multeee - Enrique Iglesias-Hero, Dima Bilan-Never let you go, Simple Plan-Crazy etc.
2.Number: 3
3.Color: mov, rosu

4.Season: vara :X
5.State: Franta, Maroc
6.Food: pizza
7.Movie: Pe aripile vantului, Before Sunrise, Eurotrip =))
8.Artist: :-??
9.Pet: motanii mei Diogo si Zein :X si nurorile Pufy si Bubu :X

10.Sport: volei, patinaj, echitatie


1.What did you do: Scoala, somn, tema la engleza, frecat menta :X
2.Who were you with: colegii si apoi singura
3.Bad/Good day: pe undeva la mijloc ;))

4.Lose something: nu (cred) :D


1.What are you doing now: ascult muzica si ma concentrez la leapsa asta :X
2.Today in general: Am facut o ora din 6, apoi am venit acasa cu Andreea si am facut pozeee, ca in vremurile bune :X
3.Wearing: trening rosu
4.What did you eat for breakfast: o felie de cascaval si o cafea
5.What did you eat for lunch: cartofi prajiti cu salata
6.What did you eat for dinner: inca nu e cina :))

7.Better than yesterday: pana acum, da :D


1.Is: joi
2.Plans: sa merg la o pizza cu fetele :D
3.Dislikes about tomorrow: ora de desen :-&
4.Likes about tomorrow: iesit in oras :X


1.Person you saw: imaginea mea in oglinda se pune: -??
2.Person you talked on the phone: Andreea
3.Hugged: Andreea

4.Text Mesagged: Jully
5.IM: Alecsa

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